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Our philosophy

Every organisation is different

Our interventions are always customized. Jointly with you, we start with a diagnostic to assess the specifics of your situation. We then sit with you to determine how you could organise the work or relate with each other differently to better achieve your purpose.

We then test, collect feedback and re-adjust as necessary

The nature of reality is systemic

Organisational vitality and health is predicated on a number of things being aligned. In human systems, there are hidden organising principles that impact us all individually and collectively.  Ackowledging and attending to these natural forces is what makes a transformation sustainable

Human first

At the heart of every organisation is a body of people with a shared intention, specific talents, feelings and emotions. What makes an organisation function or dysfunction includes the emotional state of the people involved, and the quality of the relationships  between them. Exploring and transforming emotions and relationships is part of the journey of cultural transformation in organisations

Transformation starts within

Traditional change  programs follow linear thinking and tend to work primarily on the symptoms. 

Our approach attempts to go to the root causes of the dynamics we jointly observe. It comes down to the willingness to look at what is with honesty and humility, to challenge ourselves and perhaps transform what might be at the source of our viewpoints, words and actions

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