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We work with your teams to understand your specific challenges, the dynamics in play, and the possible areas of intervention.


We look for areas where the energy flow is constrained or blocked as well as areas of imbalance.

We share our observations with you, make recommendations for a strategy of transformation and propose a plan to get it done.

Education & Training

We help your teams acquire the tools and the skills that will be useful in your transformation journey.

Some examples of the practical, hands-on training programmes we provide

training programmes EN.png

Mediation & coaching

Challenging relationships can sometimes stand in the way of effectiveness and performance.


Through mediation we can facilitate difficult conversations and help you manage conflicts, while giving you the methodologies, tools and support to develop the skills to manage similar situations in the future.


Some of your colleagues may need a temporary support to overcome a particular situation or gain confidence as they take extended responsibilities. This may particularly be the case for managers who can sometimes feel powerless and lonely, caught between additional expectations on them and the day-to-day reality of their teams.


Through coaching we can help individuals gain a different perspective on their situation, connect with their resources, develop new skills, positively transform difficult emotions such as frustration, powerlessness, or fear, and overcome the challenges ahead of them.

Guidance in the Transformation

Undertaking a cultural transformation  is a bit like a trek into the unknown.


Though you know where you ultimately want to get to, the process is not necessarily linear : there are many uncertainties, surprises and ups and downs along the way...

We can act as your "sherpa" for this journey : based on a diagnostic and mutually agreed areas of intervention, we can provide you with a process, the necessary background, expertise and hands-on support to help you and your teams reach your

transformation goals.

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