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Advices, meditations and daily practices to help going through

the Covid-19 crisis

Cultivating serenity in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis

Group Sessions Online

Sharings, practices and guided meditations

Beyond its overall sanitarian, economical and geopolitical dimensions, the Covid-19 crisis touches each and everyone of us very deeply, very personally. Fear of falling sick, of losing loved ones, of lacking money or resources. Pain from seeing others suffer. Pain from disconnection, from loneliness, or on the contrary, challenges from confinement. Frustration and anxiety from things not going the way we want, the way we had planned... 

You name them. It is catching us.  Right where we have fragility.

Cultivating serenity, peace, stability and compassion for ourselves and others - as well as trying to make sense of what is happening - helps us take care of ourselves, our emotions and address the challenges that we experience.



Review of different vantage points, postures, insights


Guided Mindfulness meditations & proposed daily practices to help cultivate calmness and stability in difficult times


Group discussions


Every Tuesday and Thursday

1 pm to 1.30 pm CET


Until May 11




Serge Simonet Human pathways

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Serge Simonet

Organisational Consultant & Executive Coach

Development & Transformation processes

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