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Letting our experience teach us

"This very Moment is the Perfect Teacher "

P. Chödrön

Whether it is with our teams, colleagues or clients, or on the personal front, life can sometimes get tough.

When things seem to fall apart, difficult emotions come up : anger, sadness, shame, fear, etc.... We tend to resist. To blame others or the circumstances. We look for responsibilities. We can also become very critical towards ourselves, and  get caught in regrets for the past or worries for the future. With resentment we want things to change, to go back to "normal". We look for possible ways to escape.

We all have experienced that in some ways.

But there is another path. One which is, I would argue, of pure bravery and true strength.

A path where we accept the challenge and are willing to replace self-criticism and difficult emotions with kindness and understanding for ourselves. One where demonstrate self-compassion - we find ways to redirect towards ourselves the same sort of energies, feelings and attitudes that we very naturally direct towards our loved ones.  One where we remember this is the moment to relax our body and mind, and be good to ourselves.

A path where we find the courage to face the situation as it is. To recognize that perhaps Life is trying to show us something we are particularly stuck in, and giving us the opportunity and the means to transform. This may be tough to accept,  for sure. But ironically particularly pertinent when we believe we simply can't handle what is happening. When it is just too much. When there are no ways we can "manipulate" the situation to make ourselves come out ok. When we feel we are just nailed and stuck. No way out.... Except accepting the lesson and allowing the transformation to happen.

A path where we dare to profoundly touch our humanity, leaning in, perking up, creating  the space for the best in us to emerge.

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