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The Double Bottom Line

Leaders who regularly practice mindfulness have two things in common, they are values-based and have a clear sense of the value of what they are trying to achieve – their mission.

They manage to connect their own purpose to the company’s purpose and, as such, provide the inspiration critical to a new generation of employees looking to work for businesses that have a clear purpose and create multiple kinds of value.

This may initially sound a bit too touchy-feely to business leaders and HRDs trained to focus on commercial realities and the bottom line. However, leading economist, Robert Reich, suggested recently that we’re moving into a completely new economy. In this age of networked intelligence, every aspect of business as we know it is being disrupted by technology and the participation economy. Customers are demanding that organisations contribute to a greater good and do more than just make money. Young employees today want to work for more than just a paycheck; they want their work to matter.

Extracts from the post "What they don't teach you about Mindfulness at Business School", from Martin Newman PhD. Access the full post here

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