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Turning Stress into an Ally

In the animal world, when survival is at stake (e.g. a predator is detected),  a very instinctive mechanism kicks in to help face danger. It is called stress. It is a warning signal that triggers a number of physical and physiological processes which help facing danger by fleeing, fighting or freezing.

The very same primitive and instinctive mechanism kicks in when we, humans beings, get into stress. We adopt thoughts, emotions and behaviours that are directly related to fleeing, fighting or freezing..... except that for us, in 90% of the cases though, our survival is not at stake… So why does this mechanism kick in .. ?

Recent advances in neurosciences and cognitive and behavioural theories clearly show that something else is happening. Whereas for animals the cause of stress is external, for humans it is in 90% of the cases internal, subjective and cognitive. It would be our unconscious recognition that are our thought process is becoming incoherent and contradictory, that would trigger the stress : a warning signal telling us that we are going down a wrong path and that there are better ways to deal with the reality that we are facing.

So here is an interesting question. Do we let our very primitive and instinctive Self govern our emotions, thoughts and behaviours and start fleeing, fighting or freezing, or are we ready to listen to the warning signal and consider changing our approach for the better ?

Based on the Neuro-Cognitive & Behavioural Approach (ANC)

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